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"Ms Catriona is hands-down the best music teacher we have ever had. Her energy and playfulness are a delight and an inspiration, and her warmth and love for each child in her class shine through in all her interactions with them. She pays close attention to each student even as she is leading the entire class, and will often make note of some new development she has noticed in their participation or abilities. I love how she makes a point to explain the reasons behind the different activities and approaches, and to shine a light on different musical principles and learning that is happening in the class. She is a wonderful person to have in your and your child's life - I looked forward to seeing her every week!"


Elizabeth (Rigel and Capella)

Ms. Caitriona's Music Together class was the highlight of my week. I took off work early to attend myself and was so sad when I had to miss. Her warmth and sparkling personality introduced music to my then one-year-old in the most joyful way. Over the course of a year, my son went from quiet observer of the 'big kids' to confident dancer and player of instruments. As a bonus, Ms. Caitriona even made cleaning up fun and my son would happily put toys away when I sang the clean up son at home! It was very sad for our family when Ms. Caitriona moved away. I'm thrilled to learn she is offering classes again for other kids. What a treat!
Erin (Levi and Ava)